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Keep the flames of romance alive in your marriage!  For a free book, please complete and SUBMIT the form on the right-hand side of the website, or call 832.868.0883.

The popular book Moments Together for Intimacy includes 30 days of brief readings for couples. The book focuses on emotional, spiritual and sexual intimacy in marriage.  Reading the selections together allows busy couples a focused, purposeful means of spending quality time together to improve their communication and produce a greater sense of closeness. The result is growing romance, trust, and true intimacy.

Rave Reviews

"Unforgettable Message"

Rania & Jeremy   
5 of 5 stars
My husband and I have been married now for three months and we're still hearing from people who were there about how moved they were by our Pastor's message. Everyone comments on how personalized it was, as if he had known us all of our lives. He did a great job of delivering a faith based message without sounding like he was delivering a sermon. He incorporated humor (per our request) and had our guests saying "yep, that's Jeremy and Rania alright". It was truly a perfect wedding! We were so blessed to have him marry us and would recommend him to anyone who is looking for an officiant to add that personal touch to their wedding. Thank you, thank you, thank you for making our wedding so special!

"Everyone Loved the Message and the Ceremony!"
Sharon & Mike   
5 of 5 stars
"I can't begin to tell you how happy we were with our wedding ceremony. It was personal and had a wonderful message. It was everything we were looking for. I couldn't have imagined it going any better. After the ceremony everyone was asking where we found our pastor and they couldnt believe how wonderful he was. Our parents are still talking about it. I would recommend our wedding minister in a second. He will make your day everything you dreamed of!

"Very special day!"
Lucy & Travis
5 of 5 stars
Our wedding day couldn't have been more perfect! Our Pastor's service was wonderful! Everyone came away not only with the memories of Travis and I getting married, but also learning something which made it even more memorable. My Husband and I will always cherish that day, and also wish our Pastor and his Wife Happy Anniversary as well!!

"A fantastic day!"
Shannon & Randy 
5 of 5 stars
The Pastor was personable and warm. He did everything he could to become as familiar with us as he could. The ceremony was beautiful with the perfect addition of personal touches regarding how my husband and I met, how his children will play a role in our life, and our relationship with God. I wouldn't have changed anything. We are blessed to have met him and have him officiate a most important day in our lives.

5 of 5 stars
My husband and I found our minister through an online search after having been through a few failed meetings with other ministers. We are regular church goers but our church is too large and do not perform wedding ceremonies. As most people do, we were looking for that perfect person to unite us through God, and we found the complete package with him. From the first time we met with him, we knew we found "the one." He was very welcoming and warm. He was so interested in us as a couple: how we met, who are families are, what we want in our future, etc... He was able to meet with us a few times before the wedding, by our choice, and he gave us the tools to begin and continue a wonderful marriage. We will always refer back to the 3 C's!! After our ceremony, which was exceptional, many of our guests kept telling us how truly beautiful, entertaining, and well done it was. My husband and I could not have asked for anything more perfect than how well our Pastor fit into our lives and our marriage. He will always remain a special person in our lives. He encourages us to contact him if ever we find ourselves in a position where we need help through any possible issue in our marriage. It is quite comforting to know that you will always have someone supporting you and there for you when you need them.

"Fairy Tale Service with Inspring Message, Passionately Told!"
Christopher and Darla    
5 of 5 stars
It was only about a week and half before our wedding ceremony would take place. Our wedding date was February 9. We were frantically searching for a pastor to perform our ceremony, and not "just anyone" would do the job. We had a pastor whom we had spent several months in pre-marital counseling with, however, due to circumstances in his own life, he had to cancel on us at the last minute. We had felt from the moment we pictured our ceremony that we wanted it God centered, passionate, and moment never to be forgotton. We did not want this very important and special time to be "the norm", we did not want it to be rushed through or the same old story heard at every wedding we had attended, we wanted different. We began our search online and talked to a few pastors, but when we found Pastor James Scarborough online, we felt something different. We knew after we spoke with him the very first time, he was the one to perform our ceremony. I found myself (Darla Andel) crying because it was finally done, I was at peace because I I knew that God had sent us the right person, We knew that this man (Pastor James Scarborough), would make our day everything I'd hoped for. Pastor James Scarborough met with us at his office and was SO KIND, SO REAL, and SO HELPFUL. He truly understood our lives, our story meant something to him. It was evident that he was a MAN OF GOD. He TOOK THE TIME to CARE about our desires for the ceremony and helped us dream up the right message to unfold at our most important day of our life. We left his office feeling SO CONIFDENT in his abilities, and thanked the Lord for sending us Pastor James Scarborough. On our wedding day, the ceremony was AMAZING. Pastor James Scarborough message that beautiful day was not only poetical, passionate, and inspiring to us, but to our friends and family witnessing our promise. He touched our hearts and melted our souls with a message that all knew was given from God above and placed on his heart to share with us on our day. Looking back, only a few months ago, we are so BLESSED to have been able to have Pastor James Scarborough as our pastor. Thank you Pastor James Scarborough. God bless you and the many more couples you have the opportunity to bless. Love, Chris and Darla

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